Working with business executives, runners and triathletes, new and expectant moms, young adults, and rehabilitation patients, our mission is to empower clients to attain optimal health through a balance of personal training, athletic coaching and nutrition.

We believe the best way for a client to attain their physical equilibrium is to create ‘mind – body – spirit balance.' Through one-on-one, customized coaching, our health and fitness experts weave this philosophy in to their work with clients.

We know that physical activity, beyond just improving an outward appearance, is proven to reduce stress, increase energy and prevent against disease. To maximize that activity and avoid injury, each Physical Equilibrium fitness routine includes muscular strength training, cardiovascular endurance and joint-muscle flexibility.

Physical Equilibrium has coached and trained New Yorkers for more than 10 years, has worked with more than 600 clients and hosts over 300 sessions monthly.

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