At our core, Physical Equilibrium is a team of personal trainers ready to coach you toward your fitness goals. We assess your current fitness level and  take into account past and current injuries and health issues, then design an exercise and fitness program that is right for you. We can meet with you at one of our gyms in New York City, Brooklyn and East Hampton, at your gym or residence or outside in the parks.  

The Initial Fitness Assessment

Our certified training team conducts an initial fitness assessment to determine your strength, endurance and flexibility levels. We measure body fat percentage, monitor resting and exercising heart rate zones, and administer various muscular strength and endurance exercises. We also take into account your current and past injuries and health issues. The assessment is used to create a personal training plan specific to your body type, fitness level and goals. 


Goal Setting, Exercise and Tracking

Once a fitness plan is mapped out, we help you to:

1. Establish long and short term fitness goals such as weight loss, decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass and building cardiovascular endurance.

2. Customize a workout program that maps to your goals and ability, which may incorporate traditional strength training machines, free weights, bands, cardiovascular equipment, and use of natural body resistance.

3. Track your fitness progress and goals. We take responsibility for your progress and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are getting the results you expect.