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Sarah Currie: Balancing Passion, Purpose, and Growth at Physical Equilibrium

Sarah Currie, co-owner of Physical Equilibrium, reflects on her journey and the evolution of work-life balance within her dynamic career in fitness and wellness.

In the early days of building her business, Sarah’s schedule was a whirlwind, juggling clinical work as a Registered Dietitian with personal training and client consultations. Despite the challenges, she remained steadfast, driven by the desire to carve her own path. Over time, she learned to refine her schedule, prioritizing self-care and setting boundaries to achieve a healthier balance between work and life.

At Physical Equilibrium, Sarah and her team offer a comprehensive range of services, including personal training, Pilates, nutrition counseling, and specialized coaching. What sets them apart is their expertise in post-rehabilitation training, bridging the gap between therapy and an active lifestyle. Their approach focuses on smart, effective training tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring safe and sustainable progress.

Reflecting on the journey, Sarah acknowledges the constant hustle and networking required to build and sustain a successful business. However, the rewards are evident in the positive impact they have on their clients’ lives.

When it comes to leisure time in New York City, Sarah recommends starting the day with exercise, followed by brunch at a local spot. Touristy activities like Broadway shows or visiting iconic landmarks are a must, but she also values experiences that delve into the city’s rich history, such as the Tenement Museum. Weekends might include a trip to the Hamptons, where they can unwind, work out at Physical Equilibrium’s East Hampton location, and enjoy the local attractions.

Sarah extends a heartfelt shoutout to her business partner, Sara Dimmick, whose mentorship and support have been instrumental in her journey.

Readers can find the original article and learn more about Sarah Currie’s insights at shoutoutcolorado.com.

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