Triathlon Coaching Client Frances Anderson Completes the Sonoma Triathlon under the direction of NYC Tri coach Sara Dimmick

Triathlon and Running Clients Complete Early Summer Races

Celebrating Athletic Achievements: Summer Success Stories

As the sun rises higher and temperatures soar, the spirit of competition among athletes also heats up. In the past month, our dedicated clients at Physical Equilibrium have pushed their limits and achieved remarkable feats in running and triathlon events across the country. Here’s a glimpse into their inspiring journeys:


Frances Anderson: Triumph at the Kendall Jackson Tri-California Sonoma Olympic Triathlon

On June 23rd, Frances Anderson showcased her prowess at the Kendall Jackson Tri-California Sonoma Olympic Triathlon, securing an impressive 2nd place in the Division for 20-24 years. Her determination and hard work paid off as she eyes a spot at the Age Group Nationals later this year. Frances continues to set the bar high with her commitment to excellence and unwavering focus on her goals.

Osiris Torres: Conquering New York City Races

Meanwhile, closer to home in New York City, Osiris Torres has been on a remarkable journey since embarking on his running pursuits. In the past month, Osiris completed his first 5K at McCarren Park and followed it up with a strong performance in his first 10K race hosted by NYC Runs. His journey is a testament to the power of persistence and passion. Looking ahead, Osiris has set his sights on a half marathon this fall and plans to tackle the marathon distance by 2025, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to achieving new milestones in his athletic career.

Running Coaching Client Osiris Torres completes a 10K race in New York City

A Culture of Support and Achievement

At Physical Equilibrium, we take immense pride in nurturing a culture where athletes like Frances and Osiris thrive. Our coaching programs are designed not only to enhance physical performance but also to foster mental resilience and a sense of community among our clients. Whether it’s preparing for a triathlon or conquering personal bests in running events, our team is dedicated to guiding each athlete towards their full potential.


Looking Forward

As summer unfolds, we eagerly anticipate more victories and personal bests from our clients across various competitions. Their dedication and achievements inspire us all to push harder, reach further, and embrace the joy of sport.

Stay tuned for more updates on our athletes’ journey as they continue to redefine their limits and inspire others along the way.

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