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Massage techniques: Swedish Deep Tissue Medical Sports Andrew Diaz graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in April 2012 and has proficient knowledge of the 12 major meridians and flow of qi (chi) in the body.


He is well versed in the western modalities of massage and enjoys incorporating a combination of both modalities during his sessions. His main expertise is in deep myofascial massage, which targets trigger points and can be one of the most debilitating type of muscular pathologies. His sessions cater to clients that are looking for a therapeutic massage to help manage their pain or a functional therapeutic massage which can help optimize an athlete’s performance, prevent and heal sports injuries. His mission is to help alleviate ailments and correct balance and posture in clients. He works closely with clients on a one to one basis and will often offer supplemental stretching & massaging techniques that they can perform once home to help aid pain management.

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