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Zach has been immersed in the fitness industry from a young age. Running countless 5k races starting at the age of 8 led to finishing half marathons and a Half Ironman triathlon in more recent years. Basketball, tennis and cross country were also sports he played growing up even seeking out a personal trainer to help achieve his goals. Working with a trainer was a crucial part of Zach’s drive for fitness and overall knowledge in training. While attending college for Health Care Management systems, Zach learned how fitness and overall wellness play a part in our healthcare system as a whole. For the first 5 years living in NYC he worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he had the privilege of working with world class oncologists and a global patient population.


Now as a Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist and RRCA certified running coach, Zach uses his years of sports injuries and accidents to his advantage. He knows the frustration clients feel during or after a setback and always works with the client to prevent future injures. Zach’s programs focus on preparing and strengthening the body to become resistant to injuries; he ensures each client gets the most out of each session. Zach specializes in training runners and triathletes, but also loves to work with beginners or those looking to increase general fitness and strength.


Zach is also a NYRR Group Training Coach and one of Physical Equilibrium’s running coaches with the Red Door Community charity team for the NYC Marathon.

IG: @zachmoxham

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