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We want to thank you all for coming to Lift Club. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page with what we want to offer so that there are no misconceptions. Lift club overall is meant to teach you how to choose the proper warm up for your workout and how to execute the lifts properly. The idea behind Lift Club came from years of understanding that not everyone can afford quality 1:1 training, but also keeping in mind that group classes don’t allow for the time and attention to form, injuries, regressions, etc. We want to showcase not only the importance of lifting but also the amazing benefits it brings both physically and mentally.


Lift club is NOT a typical group fitness, boot camp or high intensity class. It is important to curb your expectations of leaving each session dripping in sweat or sore for days. We are not saying you won’t sweat or be sore but the idea is to create a better mind body connection so that you become more mindful of how you move both in and out of the gym. Of course, like all great things you have all accomplished in your lives this takes time, patience and consistency. If you really commit to showing up each week and being open to learning the process then you surely will reap the benefits including being sore and getting crushed in the workout! Ready to change your body?


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