Press: REFINERY29 16 Inspiring Photos Of Postpartum Women In Action

Our very own Sara Dimmick was featured by REFINERY 29 on slide 5 of their 16 Inspiring Photos Of Postpartum Women In Action


In a recent feature on Refinery29, Physical Equilibrium’s owner, Sara Dimmick, shared her insights on staying fit postpartum and discussed the changes she experienced in her own body. Sara emphasizes the importance of giving your body time to heal and adapt after giving birth, and she encourages new moms to approach postpartum fitness with patience and understanding.

Sara explains that new mothers should gradually reintroduce exercise into their routine, starting with gentle activities such as walking and pelvic floor exercises. As they regain strength and confidence, they can progress to more challenging workouts. Sara also highlights the significance of listening to your body, as every individual’s recovery journey is unique.

In the article, Sara reflects on her own postpartum fitness journey, discussing the challenges she faced and the adjustments she made to her workout routine. By sharing her experience, she aims to inspire and support other new moms in their quest for a healthy, balanced postpartum lifestyle.

For more guidance on postpartum fitness, Sara recommends consulting with a qualified fitness professional who can provide personalized advice and support throughout the recovery process.




Read the original article at: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/postpartum-body-after-baby-fit-moms#slide-5


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