Meet Najip Gil

Personal Trainer at

Najip Gil is a native New Yorker and NASM certified personal trainer. He attended Skidmore College upstate where he got his degree in Human Physiology and Exercise Science. During college he worked in the gym where he helped college basketball, ice hockey, and lacrosse players develop and perform their strength and conditioning programs for their individual sports. 


He started his fitness journey during middle school.  First with at home workouts and then turning to the gym once he was old enough to do so. More recently he has had experience working in large commercial gyms like Crunch and also smaller physical therapy clinics. He specializes in strength and hypertrophy training with a focus on compound movements and calisthenics. Najip believes in order to achieve greatness one has to push themselves to new places they didn’t think they could go. He is committed to help his clients achieve their goals and reach beyond what they didn’t think was possible.


In his spare time he also likes to listen to music, read, and play chess.

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