Meet Claire Shorenstein

Sports and Clinical Dietitian at

Claire Shorenstein (MS, RD, CSSD, CDN) is a Board-Certified Sports Dietitian and RRCA certified running coach based in Santa Cruz, CA. She provides virtual 1:1 nutrition coaching and other services to athletes of all abilities and hosts the Eat for Endurance Podcast.  
Claire is an avid distance runner and has competed in numerous solo and team events from the 5km to 50-mile distance over the last 25 years. Her experience as a dietitian, runner, coach, and Mom of two allows her to understand the athlete mentality, the crucial role that nutrition plays in optimizing health and performance, as well as the daily challenges of trying to balance work, training, family, and other demands on your time. With that in mind, Claire collaborates with her clients to create individualized and sustainable nutrition plans to achieve realistic health and performance goals.  

To read more about Claire, please visit her website, subscribe to The Eat for Endurance Podcast, and follow her on social media (@eatforendurance).

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