Meet Eve Josephson

Personal Trainer at

Eve Josephson is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and boxing instructor at Physical Equilibrium. She has been a personal trainer with us since 2008.


Whether her client’s goals are general fitness maintenance, weight loss, or reaching peak performance, Eve’s approach to personal training always combines strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, speed and agility work through challenging and varied fitness regimens.


Eve began her lifelong commitment to becoming a well-conditioned athlete at a young age. Learning to ride horses in a converted garage on the Upper West side of New York City, Eve’s passion and commitment to the sport took her to compete on a national level. Transitioning from horses to bikes, she worked as a bike messenger in NYC for seven years while also competing in local bike races on weekends.


Weightlifting for close to 20 years, Eve had the good fortune to be trained and mentored by some of New York City’s top bodybuilders. Due to the stresses of hard and diverse training on her body, Eve has been exploring both biomechanical rehabilitation methods as well as a neurological approach to treating the body’s system as a whole.


Eve’s certifications include:

• Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart- Corrective Exercise Therapy
 TRX Suspension Training Sports Medicine
• Movement Efficiency Training
• Brain Gym 101

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