Meet Sarah Lorraine

Personal Trainer at

Sarah Lorraine is an eight year veteran of the health and fitness industry. As a versatile personal trainer, Sarah specializes in strength training, transformations and sports specific training and has served a diversity of clients, including attorneys, corporate executives, investment bankers, fitness competitors, dancers, models, actors, musicians, runners, doctors, and many more.


Growing up in upstate New York. Sarah benefitted from daily opportunities to be active and explore. She credits her mother, who was involved with running and healthy eating, as her primary motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle from very early on. Sarah went on to excel at field hockey in both high school and college, which reinforced her passion for being active and fit.


Key to Sarah’s success is her fervor, compassion, and a deep understanding of the need to balance fitness goals with life commitments. She genuinely enjoys creating tailored workout routines and nutrition programs that fold easily into each client’s unique lifestyle, fitness level, nutritional needs, and evolving goals. Sarah believes that exercise and nutrition are a life choice; in order to create-and sustain-your body’s optimal fitness level, your workout and nutritional program needs to be personal, realistic, inspiring, and tailored to your needs, goals, and specific life circumstances.


Sarah’s certifications include:


• NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

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