Triathlon Coaching New York

Sprint to Ironman: Tailored Triathlon Coaching for All Levels


Sprint to Ironman: Tailored Triathlon Coaching for All Levels

Welcome to Physical Equilibrium, your go-to fitness and workout facility in Midtown Manhattan, New York City! If you’re looking for personalized triathlon coaching services, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of certified coaches is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their full potential and achieve their race goals.

Running and Triathlon Coaching at Physical Equilibrium

Whether you’re a national-ranked athlete or a complete novice, we have the expertise to design a custom training program just for you. We take into consideration your current fitness level, athletic history, previous or current injuries, and future race goals. With our personalized approach, you’ll build, peak, and taper based on your day-to-day performance.

As part of our coaching services, we utilize Training Peaks software technology to track and analyze important metrics such as heart rate, GPS, power meters, cadence, indoor bicycle trainers, and training terrain. This data-driven approach allows us to fine-tune your training program and ensure optimal performance.

Our coaching team has extensive experience in both local and international races, and they infuse their coaching with their diverse, first-hand experiences. Rest assured, you’ll be in capable hands throughout your journey.

Monthly Running and Triathlon Coaching Includes:

  • Proper Periodized Program Design analyzing data – heart rate, GPS, power meters, etc.
  • www.trainingpeaks.com Premium Account
  • Endurance and Speed Building Workouts
  • Sport Specific Strength Training (with unlimited access to our library of videos and workouts)
  • Basic Sports Nutrition
  • Mental Race Preparation
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery Techniques
  • Help with coordinating Race Day Logistics
  • Discounts with our partners on nutritional supplements and apparel
  • Discounts for any add-on services – personal training or pilates, in-depth nutrition sessions, massage, and acupuncture

If you choose to train with us, you’ll also enjoy exclusive discounts on nutritional supplements and apparel, as well as additional services such as personal training, pilates, in-depth nutrition sessions, massage, and acupuncture.

Remember, we only work with a select number of athletes to ensure the utmost personalized service. Your success is our priority.


Ready to take your triathlon training to the next level? Visit us at Physical Equilibrium, located at DuMont Building, 5th floor, 515 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022. You can reach us via text or call at +19178736100. For more information and to check out our class and event schedule, visit our website at https://physeq.com/schedule/.


  • Custom training programs tailored to individual needs
  • Expert coaching from certified triathlon coaches
  • Utilization of Training Peaks software for data analysis
  • Monthly coaching includes periodized program design, premium Training Peaks account, endurance and speed building, sport-specific strength training, basic sports nutrition, mental race preparation, injury prevention and recovery techniques, help with race day logistics, and discounts on supplements and apparel
  • Additional services available, including personal training, pilates, nutrition sessions, massage, and yoga
  • Located at DuMont Building, 5th floor, 515 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022


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