Nutrition Services

Expert nutritionist consulting offered at Physical Equilibrium

Nutrition Services

During a nutrition assessment, our Registered Dietitians assess the overall health of the client/patient and take a holistic approach. The whole person must be seen. They review medical history, nutritionally significant lab values, medication and/or supplements, to name a few. Current meal patterns, physical activity, stress level and sleep will also be assessed. Health plans are completely individual as one size does not fit all! Goals will be set and accountability will be provided. Most importantly, you will be coached on long lasting behavior change to ensure new habits are formed and stick. There are no quick fixes or short cuts. Fad diets do not work long-term!

Weight loss/fat loss

There are three variables to fat loss: weight training, diet, and cardio. Which of the three need manipulating and how will you get the body (physique) you want? A better question might be, which of the three are currently in your control to address and act on? Our Registered Dietitians will assess your current nutrition patterns and help you figure out the most realistic, achievable approach for you to lose weight through diet. If you train with us they will also collaborate with your personal trainer or running/triathlon coach on your strength and cardio plan.

  • Modified meal plan – If you are only ready for small changes, your current way of eating will be heard and suggestions will be made to improve upon it. Meal/snack ideas will be given.
  • Metabolic testing – Get your own individual Resting Metabolic Rate tested. This gives your EXACT calorie budget and takes the guesswork out of the equation. You and your Dietitian will then figure out how you will stay in that budget. You can log your intake in a calorie app or your Dietitian can write an exact meal plan for you.
  • Macronutrient breakdown/calculation – Behaviorally if you are ready for this and are already in the habit of some form of meal prep, learn the proper ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate you should be consuming to promote fat loss.

Clinical Nutrition/Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

High blood pressure or hypertension, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, heart disease, etc. Learn how to change your diet and exercise habits to help treat these medical conditions. It is possible to avoid medication, decrease your current dosage, or go off meds entirely with lifestyle and behavior changes!

Sports Nutrition

  • Endurance sports – When training for an endurance event (half marathon, full marathon, triathlon, century ride, etc.) your nutrition plan is as equally important as your training plan. Knowing what to eat and drink and when can make all the difference. Avoid cramps, bonking and GI distress! Figure out what sports drink, gel or bar you need along the course. A proper plan can help you feel great along the way and improve your time.
  • Physique nutrition/Aesthetic nutrition – Lean out, build muscle burn fat, get your abs to show up, change your body composition through weight training and targeted macronutrients. Start with an InBody scan to get a baseline of your body fat percentage and muscle mass percentage.

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