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Post rehab

We all know most insurance companies do not care to understand how long it truly takes for injuries to fully recover. Fortunately you no longer have to worry about exhausting your physical therapy sessions prior to feeling 100% recovered. That’s because Physical Equilibrium is one of New York City’s only personal training boutiques to offer Post-Rehabilitation Personal Training.

What is Post Rehab Personal Training?

Post Rehab Personal Training is available to recent physical therapy graduates or current patients with doctor or Physical Therapist approval who want or need to continue rehab training with the assistance and oversight of an expert fitness and wellness professional. This service is particularly popular among those who have injuries or medical conditions. Our post rehab trainers are experienced in common issues such as:

  • Back, neck pain (disc herniations)
  • Hip, knee, shoulder injuries (labral tears, arthritis, ACL and meniscus tears, rotator cuff tears)
  • Tennis and golfers’ elbow
  • Tendonitis, tendonosis

Post-Rehabilitation Certifications

Select Physical Equilibrium personal trainers maintain a Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist certification from the American Academy of Health, Fitness & Rehab Professionals (AAHFRP).

Personal Trainer/Physical Therapist Interaction

Your Physical Equilibrium personal trainer, doctor, and physical therapist are in frequent correspondence about your progress. We believe that your ability to reach maximum recovery is dependent on us having regular interactions with those who know you and your injury best – your doctor and physical therapist. 

Post rehab personal training is available without a medical referral. Insurance is not accepted but sometimes flex spending can be used. 

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