Press: Jesse Barnett featured in How to Get Started With Pilates Workouts

Our very own Jesse Barnett was featured as an expert opinion on the article: How to Get Started With Pilates Workouts: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide


This beginner-friendly blog post introduces readers to the world of Pilates, a low-impact exercise method that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and balance. The guide offers a comprehensive overview of Pilates, including its origins, benefits, and key principles, such as breathing, concentration, control, and alignment. It also provides practical advice for starting a Pilates practice, including finding the right class or instructor, understanding common Pilates terms, and mastering basic exercises. With helpful tips and insights, this guide makes it easy for beginners to embark on their Pilates journey and experience the numerous physical and mental benefits it offers.


Read the original article at: https://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness/how-to-get-started-with-pilates-an-absolute-beginners-guide/


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