Pilates Instruction offered at Physical Equilibrium

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a movement modality developed by Joseph Pilates in the early and mid-20th century focusing on many aspects of physical health including strength, mobility, stability, proper alignment and flexibility.


Pilates is unique in that its primary focus is on the spine, pelvis, and the muscles surrounding those structures. These muscles make up what is commonly called “the core” and are essential for spinal health, balance, and proper movement of any kind. While the spine and core are the first priority, Pilates also aims to train the rest of the body with the same concepts of strength, stability, and mobility. Pilates recognizes that all parts of the human body work together as a collective whole.

Our Beliefs about Pilates


At Physical Equilibrium, we believe Pilates is a useful modality in its own right. It has applications in strength, performance, and rehabilitation situations. It is low impact and perfect for people post-injury or just starting to exercise and looking to build basic strength. We also acknowledge it is one of many effective movement techniques, each with its own unique benefits. Pilates works extremely well as a compliment to other training methods, and many of our clients practice it in addition to their weight lifting, endurance training or performance sports. No matter the goal, Pilates can be a useful addition to any training program.

Dedicated and Professional Pilates Studio

in Midtown Manhattan, NY 10022


In our gym at 515 Madison Ave, we have a separate room dedicated to Pilates and trainers on staff who are fully certified on specialty Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, and Wanda Chair. Our instructors generally practice a contemporary approach, but classical exercises are also incorporated. All of our instructors also have post-rehab knowledge for clients with injuries.

Multiple Pilates Studio Locations:

In addition to our Madison Ave gym, we have a beautiful gym in the heart of East Hampton which also features an area dedicated to Pilates.

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